Peter Fox, Clinical Psychologist

Peter Fox - Clinical Psychologist

Bachelor of Science
Master of Science

Peter has over 40 years experience as a clinical psychologist settling psychological trauma, and easing family and intimate relationships into robust and lively connections.

He enjoys working with a wide range of individuals, and with their relationships from the straightforward life stresses to more complex situation deriving from ill health, past traumatic grief, current life crises and/or family of origin issues. He sees couples in their first years together, creating and maintaining deeply satisfying ways of responding to each other. And those navigating pathways to health carrying a complex mix of seemingly intractable problems they have struggled with as a couple over many years.

Peter is adept at working slowly, carefully and intuitively where one or both have had traumatic experiences in the recent or distant past. Often they have sought help previously to no avail, and are at the point of giving up. Peter also provides 5 day couple therapy intensives in the Byron Bay area - see

Peter authors an extensive web site that reveals his values and how he works at: You can read about some of the couples he has worked with over the years (disidentified for privacy) at: You may then get a sense if he is the right therapist for your situation.